Football Metaverse Ecosystem eXperience (FMEX) is a newly coined football metaverse ecosystem platform that Integrates nine essential operational blocks to realize a new Interactive and Immersive experience and Interoperable functionalities for the user community. FMEX is distributed, decentralized and 100% on chain.
Too many assets, too little time? Check out our MAMS block.
In FMEX, users can trade their assets using our platform or any other NFT trading platforms like OpenSea. MAMS allows :
users to buy/sell/offer NFT assets created,obtained or evolved in our metaverse
users to loan,lease or stake your NFT assets
other developers to tap into our MAMS to develop other games or interactive entertainment contents
Our Metaverse Asset Management System (MAMS) assists users to effectively manage their in-metaverse assets and earnings, inclusive of any NFT sale or purchase, any time, anywhere.
The Metaversal Economy block is a bold and ambitious goal of us. We envision that with our FMEX project, there will come one day in which our user communities create, manage and utilize relevant virtual blockchain based assets that mirror what they have been doing in the real physical world. We call this entire economy system the Metaversal Economy System.
In our football metaverse context, it means that our user communities could create virtual football brands, clubs, apparels, clothings, equipments etc that are ENTIRELY BORN FROM our metaverse. AND, instead of the current physical world situation in which a company like Adidas licensing their design rights to blockchain projects, it goes the other way round – Adidas could license popular FMEX Metaversal Economy assets from the user communities for commerical use in the physical world.
Create your own unique metaverse football club and generate revenue by running the club.
A competitive real world football team is easily worth around 1 billion US dollars. So what is the value of a virtual football team if you build it entirely out of a football metaverse? We have put together a variety of player and manager roles and revenue models to expand the club, enhance competitiveness, sponsorship sourcing, merchandise sales, etc for the users to play around to obtain maximum profit.
FMEX brings real world live matches and in-metaverse live matches, coupled with Analytical Prediction block to our user communities.
The real world "Big Five" football matches will be streamed live in our football metaverse. Users can watch and engage in activities like cheering, moving around the stadium, etc using specific VR headgear and equipments.
On top of that, FMEX will also host a series of virtual football matches featuring live broadcast of one virtual club against another virtual club. Yes, you got it right! We have our own FMEX Football Leagues.
To make all these more exciting, FMEX has a Analytical Prediction block which lets the user communities cast their match outcome predictions and win attractive tokens.
The presence of e-commerce block in our football metaverse enabling users or real world retailers to offer their physical products and services is a heavenly match.
It does not matter if it is a B2C or C2C transaction. The E-commerce block bestows upon the single user entity, a club or retailers to sell their physical goods and services in our football metaverse. It is a known fact that the online arena is a very effective and viral way of building brand awareness, enhancing brand image, increasing sales numbers and customer retention.
Users and merchants are free to list and trade football related items, whether virtual or physical, in the world of the football metaverse.
The entire football metaverse is designed with the community as the main focal point. FMEX is regulated by a DAO and thus any future plans are wholly decided by $FBM token holders.
A small step by us, a giant leap
for the community…
The FMEX team takes the first step in acquiring and developing the nine initial operational blocks (IP-Game+NFT-Club Mgt-MAMS-Live Match-Analytical Prediction-Ecommerce-Metaversal Economy-Community) to form the Football Metaverse Ecosystem.
After this, the fate and future of FMEX lie in the hands of the community. We believe that the power of a community driven project is limitless.
Football Metaverse is founded by a group of football enthusiasts with a common goal to bring the sport to all levels of society regardless of race, language or age group.
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